Hope as an Anchor

This last week has been crazy in ways I can’t quite describe, yet. At times I have felt so overwhelmed I wanted to throw up, cry, sleep for a month, or all three all at once.

sophia loren eating
Weekend Review- Volume XI

We’re already a week into April, which means it’s spring and summer is right around the corner. Which also means that the work out and eating plan that’s been on and off again like a bad relationship needs to get consistent. It’s time to commit.

garance dore french woman
French Style

French style is prized and immolated. What is it about the French woman that seems so effortlessly cool and chic? As I am from Oklahoma, and currently living in Texas, I have no idea what it is.

little green notebook library
Home Decor Inspiration

I’ve been so zonked, I feel about as creative and inspired as off-white buttercream paint in a suburban house… But luckily, the internet is alive and well filled with inspiration aplenty.