Cameron Park Waco Texas
Running at the Park

Yesterday Persie and I went on a run in Cameron park, and other than the fact that it was ridiculously hot, it was so fun! The only not fun thing about our run was that my knees were kind of sore afterwards, which means it might be time to buy new running shoes…

traveling in Spain
Smart Girls Know How to Communicate (in multiple languages)

Have you learned how to speak a new or different language?

Jon and I both learned Spanish during college, although he knew the language much better than I did (and still does.) I got maybe to the level of a seven year old. Maybe. I have since regressed to the level of a three year old, at best! I’ve forgotten so many words. My Spanish vocabulary is sorely lacking, as is my ability to conjugate verbs.

skeptical face
Four Fun Things

Do you think there are more crazy things going on in the world right now, or do you think we just have more immediate access to news now, so we hear more about the craziness? I’m going to go with the second option. And, although I am definitely in favor of being informed, sometimes I just need to give my brain a break. On that note, I present four fun things I’ve recently been loving!