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Recently, I’ve seen a lot of craziness being posted online, from Kanye’s crazy twitter rants, to a girl writing an open letter to her CEO (and consequently being fired) to old acquaintance’s posts on Facebook. Some of it has made me laugh, some posts made me think, but a lot of posts have made me roll eye and wonder why someone thought that was a good idea to post that.

Obviously I am a fan of digital communication-  I work in marketing, I blog occasionally, I regularly refresh my twitter feed, and I can lost down the dark hole of Tumblr. But not everything needs to be said in a digital forum. I agree, that sometimes, difficult things need to be discussed. We shouldn’t avoid talking about hard things to keep up a fake appearance of happiness, but there are also healthier ways to bring them up.

Here are my thoughts on how to approach what to share: 

  • If you can say it in person, say it in person. Adding extra layers will dilute your intentions, and confuse your point. You can’t read tone over text, and it’s hard to know for sure if a text is actually about you.
  • Be careful who you air your dirty laundry to. Sometimes, you just need to verbally process, I get that. But be careful who you choose to process with. For example, your sister might be a better choice than your 300+ twitter followers.
  • If you’re going to vent, be willing to listen as well. In my experience, the people who I trust to vent to, are the people who I also trust to give me advice.
  • If it’s related to your job, it’s safer to keep it off-line. Tweets and instagram pics can be screenshotted. What you say in a fit of frustration could come back to haunt you later. (This goes back to the whole, be careful who you air your dirty laundry to thing.)
  • Everyone could use some joy. When in doubt, choose to spread joy instead of using your space to spread negativity.

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  • FashionablyClearance

    Love this! As a PR girl myself, I know there’s nothing worse than oversharing online. Your guidelines are great!