All I Want for Christmas…

family christmas

There’s left then 10 days left until December 25th! I love Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of year. I am not a full blown elf- I don’t wear Christmas sweaters every day in the month in the December, I actually haven’t decorated our apartment yet, (but that’s because I’ve been so busy, I actually love Christmas decorations) and I don’t listen to Christmas music all the time… just most of the time.

Part of the reason I love this season is because I love gifts. Not just getting them- although I do love that part- but I also giving them. I love finding gifts that totally fit the person, something surprising, but also something they really wanted.

In honor of gift giving… I’ve rounded up some great gift guides. I thought about putting together a gift guide of my own, but I found so many great ones, I thought I’d just share those with you instead.

family christmas

My favorite Gift Guides:

  • Gifts for friends and family from Cup of Jo. These gift guides from Cup of Jo are so fun. She always finds unique gifts!
  • Gifts for friends and family from The College Prepster. From coffee table books to cashmere- there are lots of thoughtful presents in these guides.
  • Presents for your puppy from Design Darling. Your puppy is there to greet you with unflagging ethusiam every day so he should definitely make your Christmas list.
  • Gift ideas for clients and co-workers from Corals and Cognacs. You (probably) spend 40+ hours a week at your work, it couldn’t hurt to spread a little Christmas cheer there.
  • Candle gift ideas from The Glitter Guide. You never know when you’ll need a last minute present, or a hostest gift for a holiday party- so it can’t hurt to have some of these on hand!

You only have a few days left to order presents if you want to get them hear by the 25th!