Best Brush for Tangled Hair

wet brush

Great news for tender headed people, for people with lots of hair, for people with tangly hair, for people who hate brushing out their wet, tangled hair… basically for anyone with hair.

There’s a brush that can help you! It’s called the Wet Brush. It kind of looks like something off of an infomercial, but it works miracles. (Although, I just checked out the website and saw that they came out with wood versions that look much less cheesy.)

I have a lot of hair. I’m not complaining about it, I know people would pay a lot of money in order to have thick hair. But it’s a pain to brush out after I get out of the shower, as in, it’s actually painful. I used to tell Jon, when I was fighting my hair with my flat paddle brush, that I was going to cut it all off. Of course, once it was brushed out, and the painful procedure was over, I’d like my hair again and it’d live to be long another day. Until I showered again, and hated brushing it again.

But one Christmas, my mother gave me and my sisters Wet Brushes and it made a huge difference. It’s now my favorite brush. It’s like grown up detangler in brush form. And apparently, I’m not the only one who loves the brush. Kendall Jenner purportedly uses it too.

If you end up buying one, or if you have any other tricks for tangled hair, please let me know!


ps. In other blog news, if you’ve noticed the recent lack of posts- I’m sorry! I have a big fitness instructor certification test coming up and I’ve been spending most of my free time studying. This week will probably be light on programming as well, but next week I should be back with regular thoughts and stories to file away!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I need this! I feel like I’m constantly ripping the hair from my head. Or if I don’t brush it, it looks like I could house a small bird family in my hair. I can’t win! Thanks for sharing!

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch