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Running at the Park

Yesterday Persie and I went on a run in Cameron park, and other than the fact that it was ridiculously hot, it was so fun! The only not fun thing about our run was that my knees were kind of sore afterwards, which means it might be time to buy new running shoes…

Time to Get Committed

I need to get motivated to get moving again! So, let’s talk about fitness, and of course, lounge/workout wear. But first- fitness. I have a confession…

French Style

French style is prized and immolated. What is it about the French woman that seems so effortlessly cool and chic? As I am from Oklahoma, and currently living in Texas, I have no idea what it is.

Home Decor Inspiration

I’ve been so zonked, I feel about as creative and inspired as off-white buttercream paint in a suburban house… But luckily, the internet is alive and well filled with inspiration aplenty.

Modern Corset

Like I said last week- it’s wedding season! Love is the in air. And so are white dresses, gorgeous flowers, bobby pins, uncomfortable heels, band-aids for the inevitable blisters, and… spanx.

Ring by Spring

It’s wedding season! Not for me, I’ve been married 2 and a half years, and at least for me, married life if the best life. It’s wedding season for several of my friends from college. This means that I buy more books to read on planes, and my nails look better than they usually do!

Ready for Spring Clothes

Jon and I dubbed last month “Frugal February.” Because of birthdays, holidays, and travel, November, December, and January are expensive months, which means we needed to cut back a little bit. But of course, during the frugal month, I saw clothes I wanted to buy everywhere!

My Uniform

Do you have a go-to outfit? A daily uniform of sorts? I went to a private school growing up, so wearing a uniform is a very familiar feeling, only now I don’t have to wear pleated skirts.

It’s the Most...

Hello friends! I am sorry I have been missing for so long. I am not quitting on The Fisher Files, I just have been so busy lately, that I had to take a break from blogging.

Best Brush for Tangled...

Great news for tender headed people, for people with lots of hair, for people with tangly hair, for people who hate brushing out their wet, tangled hair… basically for anyone with hair.