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Sweater Weather

It’s almost my favorite time of year! Sweater weather! I love that it’s October- which means we’ve survived the incredibly hot summer in Texas, next month is my birthday and Thanksgiving, and then it’s Christmas! Joyful.

Glamorous Fashion Week

To be completely honest, this week has not been my most glamorous. I haven’t felt great and I’ve been lacking energy. But in other parts of the country, it has been a glamorous week. It’s fashion week in all of it’s stunning glory.

The Summer Dress

Every summer needs a dress- a versatile dress you can wear to weddings, where you will eat lots of cake and dance the night away, and a dress you can wear both to church and to brunch.

Sunshine and Springtime

As many of you know, I am not a peppy morning person, but for some reason, I just woke up happy this morning! (Wow, I sound like the obnoxious morning person who wakes up singing, don’t I?)