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Running at the Park

Yesterday Persie and I went on a run in Cameron park, and other than the fact that it was ridiculously hot, it was so fun! The only not fun thing about our run was that my knees were kind of sore afterwards, which means it might be time to buy new running shoes…

Smart Girls Know Where...

Welcome to the first installment of Stuff Smart Girls Know. Let’s start with where to look. To begin with, let’s all acknowledge that there is so much going on in the world right now competing for our attention. The serious and not so serious. The terrorist attacks, the Republican National Convention, the Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift feud, etc.

Time to Get Committed

I need to get motivated to get moving again! So, let’s talk about fitness, and of course, lounge/workout wear. But first- fitness. I have a confession…

Cheers to Strong Women

I attended a Fitness and Wellness Expo in February where one of the speakers asked the audience to write down their fitness goals. He gave examples like- toning my arms so they look better in a tank top or a flat stomach for swimsuit season.

I had a little bit of trouble writing down a specific goal like that. Of course I like the idea of having toned arms and a flat stomach- who wouldn’t? But those aren’t the reasons I work out. I work out to feel and to become strong.

Going Outside

So let me ask you a question- as an adult, how often do you go outside?

Your answer is probably affected by a multitude of factors: where you live, the weather, your cultural background (for example- if you’re Norwegian, you probably go outside often, no matter what the weather is!) if you have kids, etc. Personally, I have found that it would be so easy to not go outside very often as an adult.

Weight Lifting

Are your bones strong? I know, that’s kind of a strange question. You might know if your bones aren’t strong enough when you break one or when you have osteoporosis. But what can you do before you get to that point?

How Do You Work Out

How do you like to workout? Do you like to do pilates? Or are you a cycler? Confession- I think cycling classes are really hard. My favorite work out is probably running, like I posted about last week. But I recognize that I can’t just run…

Run More and Live Longer

At the end of a long work day, maybe the last thing you want to do is lace up your tennis shoes and go for a run, but it’s something you should definitely consider doing.