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How to be a (Nutritional...

There are so many nutrition tips out there, often saying conflicting things, sometimes it’s hard to keep them all straight. But to be honest, I love them. I love reading about nutrition, hearing about it, talking about it… Which is why I recently attended a Fitness and Wellness Expo at Baylor University.

I’ll share more of the tips from the expo over the next few weeks, but I’ll start with this first, and great tip- the acronym B.E.A.S.T.

Fall Coffee Recipe

Now, this tasty fall beverage is probably more of shake than a latte, but whatever it is- it’s so tasty. It’s filling and it’s energizing- what more do you need?

Color Coded Snacks

Orange you glad it’s almost Friday?

Okay. I am the cheesiest. I know. That knock knock joke has been running through my mind ever since I prepared a plate of color-coded orange snacks.

Sausage and Egg...

Raise your hand if you like early mornings… I do not. My hand is firmly down by my side. But I do like breakfast. No, I take that back. I fervently love breakfast.

Morning Beverage

Adventures… whether by road trip, plane ride, or a walk around the block, seem to start better with coffee. Really, I think every day starts better with coffee.