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Smart Girls Know How to...

Have you learned how to speak a new or different language?

Jon and I both learned Spanish during college, although he knew the language much better than I did (and still does.) I got maybe to the level of a seven year old. Maybe. I have since regressed to the level of a three year old, at best! I’ve forgotten so many words. My Spanish vocabulary is sorely lacking, as is my ability to conjugate verbs.

Smart Girls Know Where...

Welcome to the first installment of Stuff Smart Girls Know. Let’s start with where to look. To begin with, let’s all acknowledge that there is so much going on in the world right now competing for our attention. The serious and not so serious. The terrorist attacks, the Republican National Convention, the Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift feud, etc.

Love Well

There’s a lot of turmoil right now. Recently, I have been watching and listening. I’ve just been taking it all in. While I have been listening and processing, I keep thinking of this quote: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference…”

Hello Friends!

Well hello. I’m back again! Did you miss me? Well, either way, I missed writing here. I’ve been mentally writing this post for a long time, but I just haven’t felt totally ready until now. It’s a little bit a long post, but it explains what’s been going on in the last few months…

Hope as an Anchor

This last week has been crazy in ways I can’t quite describe, yet. At times I have felt so overwhelmed I wanted to throw up, cry, sleep for a month, or all three all at once.

How Do You Like to Relax...

Spring is a busy season this year, filled with lots of weddings and traveling. So between, work picking up the pace, working out (when I can actually make myself get to the gym) traveling for weddings, and teaching dance, I have to take time to relax

Cheers to Strong Women

I attended a Fitness and Wellness Expo in February where one of the speakers asked the audience to write down their fitness goals. He gave examples like- toning my arms so they look better in a tank top or a flat stomach for swimsuit season.

I had a little bit of trouble writing down a specific goal like that. Of course I like the idea of having toned arms and a flat stomach- who wouldn’t? But those aren’t the reasons I work out. I work out to feel and to become strong.

Loving Yourself

February is the month of love, right? I know some people hate Valentine’s Day, and for a while, back when I thought I was cool, I boo-hoo’ed it too. But now that I’m no longer trying to be cool, I will freely admit- I LOVE love and I’m totally okay with having day, or better yet, a month, to celebrate it.

But today let’s not talk about the chocolates, flowers, and hot date type of love, let’s talk about loving yourself. Taking care of yourself.

Book Love

Yesterday, in my list of 26 life lessons, I mentioned the importance of reading, and the value of a library card… So in light of that, I thought I’d share some books recommendations with you. Here are few of my faves!


even though I love being around people, I crave alone time. I recharge by myself, which is why my personality test results say that I am introverted.