Color Coded Snacks

Healthy orange snacks

Orange you glad it’s almost Friday?

Okay. I am the cheesiest. I know. That knock knock joke has been running through my mind ever since I prepared a plate of color coded orange snacks.

Orange is not usually my color. It doesn’t really look good on me; it just makes my skin look more yellow. Plus, I went to Baylor. Lots of love for forest green here, not as much love for the burnt orange. (Sorry any readers who went to UT!)

But, even though orange is not my go to color for clothes, it does seem to be one of my go to colors for snacks.

orange snacks

Someone told me that more color you have on your plate, the better it is for your health. (I don’t think she was counting on my love for peanut m&ms though…) So why not add some orange?

I added the carrots, bell peppers, peaches, and chopped sweat potatoes to our kale salad, and I munched on the orange slices and apricots while I cooked.

Salads are staple summer meals in the Blue Lagoon (aka our small apartment with a plethora of blue- blue walls, blue curtains, blue pillows. I maybe went overboard with blue.) but because my husband Jon needs a little bit more than lettuce to keep him full, I am often looking for foods to add to the salad. Enter: the orange plate. The perfect mix of fruits and veggies.

When the Fisher girls were younger, our mom told us we needed to eat a combination of five fruits and vegetables before we could have sweet things. I still loosely abide by that rule, but I need to branch out. So, if there are any certain healthy snacks you like to munch on, or any foods you like to add to your salads, let me know in the comment section!





  • Jen Dang @ Skirt The Rules

    You make the color orange look delicious! :)

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    • Lynn-Holly Fisher Wielenga

      Ha! Thanks Jen! I never thought it was my color, but I think it’s slowly winning me over… And next month I’ll probably add pumpkin to the mix! :)