Do Opposites Attract?

Do you know your personality type? If you do, are you the same as your closest friends or opposite?

Have you ever taken a Myers Briggs test to figure out your personality type? I took one my junior year of high school and it was pretty spot-on. Here’s a mini version, if you’re interested.

I found out something surprising… I am an introvert.

I love hanging out with people, which is great since in my growing up years, people were constantly at my house. My family likes to find any excuse to celebrate and pretty much always follows “the more the merrier” policy. This, in a way, trained me to seem like an extrovert. I know how to put on my sparkly self and can make small talk with the best of them, but I like to recharge by myself, preferably with a book.

However, while I am an introvert, most of my nearest and dearest are not.

Hannah and Lynn-Holly, college roommates and best friends

Hannah, one of my best friends in college is the life of the party. She has big, beautiful Texan hair and an even bigger personality. Without her, my college experience would not have been nearly as fun.

However, after we first met at orientation, she walked away thinking, “She’s not very nice. We probably won’t be friends,” and I thought, “Wow. She is really friendly… and a little overwhelming. We probably won’t be friends.”

Little did I know, she would be one of my roommates and best friends to this day. (And I get to see her this weekend. I cannot wait!)

Hannah and Lynn-Holly at Baylor

My husband is also a bit of an extrovert. He also studied math in college and I studied writing. Obviously, in my experience, opposites really do attract!

So what about you? Will you take the quiz? Does your best friend have the same personality as you or different?

ps. Here’s a funny post about the definition of hell for each Myers Briggs personality, and here’s another one about what each personality type does at a party. (posts found via Cup of Jo.)

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I have taken this test many times–I am an introvert as well! I definitely think that the people I get along with the best are extraverts. They help to pull me out of my shell a bit when we are out.

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch

    • Lynn-Holly Fisher Wielenga

      Me too! It’s nice to have a balance.