Everybody Loves Pizza


Everybody loves pizza, right? Okay, well most people love pizza. And I go in the category of people of who love it.

Unfortunately, I am allergic to gluten. It totally messes with my digestive system; my stomach gets distended and horribly uncomfortable. It’s awful. TMI? Sorry. And actually the picture above is of me eating pizza in Italy. For some reason, pizza and bread in general in Europe doesn’t bother my stomach like it does here. Weird. I blame it on the way we process food so much over here.

But here, in the United States, I’ve had to figure out another option than my typical delivery pizza.

Russo’s gluten-free pizza. It’s so good. It’s my go-to forcomfortable nights in with Jon. Perfect chill nights are made of sweatpants, La Croix, and frozen pizza.

Russo's frozen pizza

After a long day, and Mondays are always long aren’t they, this is one of my favorite ways to unwind. It’s even better when there’s a good book or an episode of The Blacklist involved. What about you? How do you unwind? Do you like to Netflix and chill + pizza?