Family Dance Parties

After a long work day, it’s nice to get some sort of work out in. I sit at my desk almost all day, so moving around, breaking a sweat, and boosting some endorphins feels good.

I’ve posted about running and crossfit before, and while I still love those forms of working out, my current favorite is cardio dance.

dancing with my sister

I teach a hip hop aerobics class at Baylor on Monday nights and it is so fun! It’s a class for people who have never danced before, or people who love to dance. As long as you want to move and have a good time- the class is for you.

Today, someone asked me when I started dancing and I realized that I’ve been dancing for almost my whole life…

Now, I haven’t been taking dance classes my whole life. I actually started taking dance a little late in the game. I cheered competitively for a long time and then switched to dancing. But my love for dance didn’t start in the studio, it started in my living room.

My whole family loves to dance. We used to have family dance parties to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in our living room. Jon and I now carry on the tradition and often dance while we’re cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.


My family members are my favorite people to dance with. Silly dancing, car dancing, ballroom dancing,
we love it all.

Do you like to dance? Does your family dance? If you have any similar family traditions I’d love to hear about them…

This is one of my and Jon’s favorite songs to dance to.

ps. The pics are from a dance party with my sister, during spring break of my freshman year of college. 

  • Crystal Louise

    Elevator dance party on a cruise ship for the win! I am an avid reader of your blog.