Four Fun Things

Do you think there are more crazy things going on in the world right now, or do you think we just have more immediate access to news, so we hear more about the craziness? I’m going to go with the second option. And, although I am definitely in favor of being informed, sometimes I just need to give my brain a break.

skeptical face

(my facial expression after scanning the news of the day.)

On that note, I present four fun things I’ve recently been loving! Also, if there is any thing in the home decor, fashion, fitness, or food categories catching your eye right now, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section.

Four Things I’ve Been Loving:

This lovely blue rug.

lulu and georgia blue persian rug

I’ve been slowly figuring out what my home decorating taste is. Right now, our house is mostly filled and decorated by a hodge podge of hand-me-down furniture, with a little bit of Target, World Market, and Craigslist finds thrown in the mix. But I’m gradually starting to figure out what I like, how to decorate somewhat gender neutrally, (flowers and ruffles I have found out, do not fit that category) and what would make our home feel welcoming. Currently, I’m crushing on area rugs, and Persian and Moroccan rugs seem to be catching my eye, this one from Lulu and Georgia in particular.

These sweet blue tennis shoes.

jcrew blue tennis shoes

Since I’m currently working as a barista, I get to wear more casual shoes, which means less pumps and more kicks. While I do love a good high heel, I’m okay with the change. This pair from j.crew looks like it would be a great addition to my adult summer break shoe wardrobe.

Farm to Table Goodness. 

kindred event with milo

The place I work is right next to an incredible food truck called Milo’s Biscuit Company, or just Milo for short. The food is so good. I could write poetry about the Farmer’s Daughter– a bowl comprised of eggs and local vegetables. Every thing that I’ve tried from there is excellent. According to their website, “Milo Biscuit Company represents a collaboration between southern comfort food and local farmers.” They only use seasonal, local ingredients. I think that’s a big part of the reason it’s SO GOOD. I’m a big fan of the farm-to-table restaurant style. I hope I start to see more of those in the Waco area.

This Revlon Gel Nail Polish.

revlon nail polish

Game changer. So, as I mentioned, I’m currently a barista, (more on that here.) which means: A. My budget doesn’t really allow for getting my nails done regularly. RIP shellac. B. I work with my hands, so regular nail polish chips easily. This leads me to my newest discovery- Revlon Gel Nail Polish which I can buy at the grocery store. It doesn’t chip as easily as regular nail polish, and it dries super quickly. It’s a win all around. My current favorite color is Beginner’s Luck. It’s a shimmery, pink-ish color.

I hope you enjoyed this break in your regular programming of the crazy news cycle! If you’ve been crushing on anything lately, let me know. Share the love!

xx- Lynn-Holly

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