French Style

garance dore french woman

French style is prized and immolated. What is it about the French woman that seems so effortlessly cool and chic? As I am from Oklahoma, and currently living in Texas, I have no idea what it is. But from what I’ve seen of French style, I like. And if Garance Dore, the illustrator, blogger, and fashion darling extraordinaire is any indication of French style, then I definitely like it.

According to Joanna from Cup of Jo, French girls like these slip on tennis shoes, and if that’s true, I agree with them. They look effortless and comfortable.

Striped shirts also seem to a part of the French girl’s arsenal, which as I love striped shirts, I’m all about. My favorite striped t-shirt is one Jon bought me from Madewell. But I have my eye one this one and this one as well, because you can never have enough striped shirts, right?

Have you read this book? It seems to be the gold standard of Francofile’s everywhere. I haven’t read it yet… At this point, I will admire the croissant eating, but still size two wearing, smoking, stylish French woman, but stop short of imitating. (except I might buy those shoes because I really actually like them.) After all, aren’t we most beautiful when we are confident in who we are?