Home Decor Inspiration

Last weekend I went out of town for one of my college roommate’s bachelorette party. It was so fun to hang out with all of those girls. We took tacky bridesmaids glamour shot pictures, (yes, really, like the cheesy portraits from the 90’s.) went out to eat, visited, stayed up way too late, and just generally had a good time.

But let me tell you, I’ve reached the age where the body does not recover as fast as it used to. Late weekend nights coupled with work Monday morning is rough. (It’s now mid-week and I am just now recovering…) I work in marketing and while some of my job is routine, it typically requires creativity. I was so zonked, I felt about as creative and inspired as off-white buttercream paint in a suburban house…

But luckily, the internet is alive and well filled with inspiration aplenty.

I would know, I’ve been all over it recently looking for future home inspiration. Not that I have the budget to redecorate, but my theory is that if I can nail down what I like, I can slowly move that direction. Right now our apartment is mixed and matched with hand-me-downs and whatever we can afford. It also leans more towards girly than gender-neutral. I’m working on that. Luckily, Jon is a patient roommate.

Below are a few of my current favorites:

Emily Henderson’s living room. I love the natural light. It’s modern, but also seems very welcoming.

Emily Henderson Living Room

Mandy Pellegrin’s living room, featured on A Beautiful Mess. There’s so much about this that I like- the white and navy paint colors, the rug, the couch, the light fixture… I’d take it all, minus the cat. (I don’t know that she and Persie would get along.)

a beautiful mess living room and rug

Little Green Notebook’s built in library shelves. I aspire to this level of bookshelf some day.

little green notebook library

Awesome bookshelves by Clements Design, featured on My Domaine. Usually I lean towards white shelves, but I kind of like how the books pop from the dark shelving. And the lighting is awesome.

my domaine bookshelves

House designed by Amber Lewis, of Amber Interiors. There’s so much about this house that I like, including the bathroom. (The tile, the shelving, the tub!, the natural light, the rug, the corner shower, the hardware… it’s all lovely.)

my domaine bathroom


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I hope you’re having an inspiring and creative week!