House Rules

husband and wife in the snow

Like most couples, Jon and I talk a lot about the future. Where will we live? What will our careers look like? Right now, we live in Texas (Where it is not snowing. In fact, the high tomorrow is in the 70’s. Crazy.) I work in marketing, Jon is in grad school, and our sweet puppy is the only little one in our family. But who knows what the next chapter holds!

There are a few things I do know, however:

  1.  I would like to have a kitchen table big enough to invite people over for dinner.
  2. I’d like our future house/apartment/space to always be welcoming. We may not have a spare bedroom, but we have a comfy couch and a blow up mattress!
  3. I’d like for our family to be intentional with our nutrition, fitness, and health.
  4. Our kitchen will always be a space for dance parties.
  5. And, I’d like our house to not be a space for complaining.

I saw this funny sign on a hilarious tumblr blog called “Adulting” and loved it. (If you’re on Tumblr, follow me HERE!) I’m tempted to print it off and hang it up in wherever our future house may be.


What about you? Do you have any house rules or dreams for your future house?