How Do You Work Out


How do you like to workout? Do you like to do pilates? Or are you a cycler?

Confession-  I think cycling classes are really hard. My favorite work out is probably running, like I posted about last week.

But I recognize that I can’t just run. Cross-training is important, not only for reaching my fitness goals, but also for the health of my body. If I’m only running, my knees start to get sad, and achy and my body doesn’t look as toned as I’d like it to.

So, now, I’m in operation work other muscles mode. My quads have always been super dominant, but the rest of my muscles could use some work. Like my upper body muscles for example.


Lately, to build those muscles, I’ve been doing more push-ups, pull-ups, and weight lifting. My arms are still pretty weak, but if you squint at that picture, you’ll see some biceps peaking out. :)

So, what do you do to work out and cross train? Do you ever try pull-ups? Or do you prefer zumba classes?

I’ve started something new, in addition to sprint intervals and arm work outs- I’m starting the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) work-outs from Kayla Itsines. Have you heard of them? I just did the first workout and it kicked my butt.

Whatever you like to do, do it today! According to Shape Magazine’s data from Twitter, Tuesday is the most popular workout day. So, grab a friend and hit the weights, or try the Bikini Body workouts! Let me know if you’re doing or have done the BBG, so we can suffer together.

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Like you, I do prefer running. I’m not a gym goer at all! I do try to get in some other workouts though, just in my bedroom. I like to do push-ups and work my abs for a bit. No one ever sees me workout haha! But it happens. :)

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch