It’s the Most Wonderful (and crazy) Time of the Year!

law school prom date night

Hello friends! I am sorry I have been missing for so long. I am not quitting on The Fisher Files, I just have been so busy lately, that I had to take a break from blogging.

Self-care had to win over fun hobbies. Since November I have been out of town almost every single weekend, and I’ve had some sort of event almost every night of the week, which is why it’s both the most wonderful and crazy time of the year. My introverted self is ready for a week of no social events, reading, writing, Grey’s Anatomy watching, pizza eating, and lots of sleeping.

I’m sure you’ve been busy too with all of the holiday festivities and events going on. It seems like it’s that time of year for everyone!

This last weekend’s event was Jon’s Barrister’s Ball- aka Law Prom. Potentially just as much awkward standing around and making small talk as high school prom- only this time, there was no pressure or expectations to live up to, it was just me, a lace dress and sparkly shoes, and the best date ever. Way better than high school prom!

law prom

If you like my dress- you can rent it from Rent the Runway! The teal green color is no longer an option, but they do have a festive holiday red for rent. The dress is surprisingly comfortable, and although you can’t see it in my pics, there’s a fun zipper all the way down the back.

My sparkly shoes are from Nine West and sadly are no longer available. But never fear! I’ve found more options for sparkly dancing shoes. Kate Spade- the master of the whimsical party attire- has plenty of options.

Law Prom hasn’t been my only event recently. Jon and I’ve had five friends get engaged, (!) which means engagement parties, showers, and lots of fun festivities leading up to their weddings.

friend engagement party

I LOVED all of the fun events leading up to my wedding, and so of course I’m thrilled to now celebrate my friends in their wedding seasons… but I am looking forward to mid-January when life starts to slow down a little bit.

All of that to say- I’ve had no extra energy to post. But I’ve still been somewhat keeping up with what’s going on in the fashion, health, relationships, and news realms! So, I’ll make you a deal- I’ll post intermittently until January, that way we can stay in touch, and then when the new year starts, it will be back to regular programing. How does that sound? Can we still be friends?

I’ll be back soon with a few last minute Christmas present ideas! Remember to take care of yourself during this season.


ps. The credit for the fun pics above go to Kornerboth Photography. They shot the pics for the Barrister’s Ball and did a great job!