Making Friends

friends with dogs from Tumblr

One thing I’ve discovered in the post-grad adult world is that making friends is a little harder than it was in college.

In college, most students are gathered for similar reasons- to learn, to grow, and to build a community. After college, students go to work in a plethora of different industries in various locations, and no longer live in a dorm setting, or spend their days in an enviroment devoted to fostering community.

Some people are lucky enough to be employed at a place with a friendly culture and with lots of people their age, but that is definitely not the case for everyone.

So, how do you go about making friends as an adult?

Well, there are several ways such as getting involved at a church with a young adult ministry, or meeting people in the yoga class you go to weekly, but the surprising way I’ve met a lot of people has been…

Owning a dog!


I know dogs can be a lot of work, and mabye you should think twice about buying one just to help your social life, but seriously, it works!

At the park with my puppy

When Persie and I go walks, or go to the park, people often stop and ask to pet him. And because my dog LOVES people, he’s eager to become their friend.


In fact, last time Jon and I were at Cameron Park, throwing balls with Persie, we met a wonderful family that goes to our church! The kids wanted to pet Persie, and we got to visit with the parents. I found out that the wife was training to be a personal trainer at the gym where I teach hip hop aerobics! How perfect.


So, if you’re looking to meet people, maybe you should get a dog!… or just borrow your friend’s puppy for the day. :)


Top picture is from my tumblr!