Modern Corset

Like I said last week- it’s wedding season! Love is the in air. And so are white dresses, gorgeous flowers, bobby pins, uncomfortable heels, band-aids for the inevitable blisters, and… spanx. Ha.


Have you ever worn Spanx?! They are like modern day, stretchy corsets! I mean, they’re way better than their whale boned sisters of yesteryear (which seem incredibly uncomfortable, but did go under some lovely dresses.) But they still are designed hold you in an uncomfortable, sort of unnatural position, and make your figure look A+ in a dress. (Even if you’re still recovering from eating the winter blues away and your figure is more of a B- right now.)

I’ve never worn Spanx. Now, before you start narrowing your eyes at me in either disbelief or jealously, please know that I’ve avoided them because I hate confining clothes, not because I have rock star abs or because I don’t need them.

But all of that said, last weekend, I could avoid them no longer. I tried on my black cocktail dress and confirmed that my tail area needed some help, as did the annoying stomach pooch (you know, the pooch that sort of goes away when you stand up straight, suck in, and flex, but since there’s no way you can do that all night… well.)

So, I stopped by Northpark before I went to the rehearsal dinner, and wandered happily around Lululemon before forcing myself to walk into the Spanx store. I nonchalantly poked around until a saleslady, probably noticing my look of confusion, rescued me and showed me what I was looking for. Apparently, what I was looking for costs $72.


Since I just went shopping in Chicago, (so awesome, more on that later.) my shopping budget did not have room for a 70+ dollar torture device. So I left, sadly resigning myself to having an unflattering stomach pooch and taking no pictures for the night.

But when I met up with my college roommates at dinner and told them of my woes- I found out from one roommate that while Spanx is inventor of the original shapewear, Target sells it too for waaaay cheaper, and the other roommate had an extra pair of Spanx she didn’t need. Winner winner chicken and pasta for dinner, because I got to wear Spanx the next day and didn’t need to restrain myself.

The results? I looked good in my dress. I still forgot to take pictures. And my level of discomfort rose throughout the night, so I was extremely happy to take them off as soon as I got in the car.

Have you ever worn Spanx? Think they’re worth it? I’d love to hear…

ps. Picture is from the movie Young Victoria with Emily Blunt. It seemed like a good example of 19th century dresses and presumed corsets. Have you seen it? I love her. I also want to see her in Sicario, but it looks a little intense for me…