Puppy Love

puppy and husband

Do you have a dog? Jon and I have a lab mix puppy named Persie. And while I know he’s a dog, not a human, I feel like he’s a part of our family.

Persie’s mom is a miniature golden doodle and his dad is a lab. Because of the miniature poodle from his mom’s side, we thought he’d only be about 40 lbs. and wouldn’t shed very much. Ha. He sheds a ton and he’s at least 60 lbs. But he’s the sweetest and cutest puppy ever so I don’t mind the hair… too much.

I love him. Seriously, he’s the best dog in the world, (I know. I’m not biased at all) but sometimes I wonder how much he understands. There are times he seems super smart, and other times… it seems like his joy and eagerness overwhelm his intelligence.

He’s like a toddler puppy.

puppy in the park

So, I did some quick research to see how Persie’s brain works.

Here’s what I dug up:

  • A study published in Behavioral Processes looks at brain scans of dogs to see if they reaaaally love us.
  • Dogs’ noses are super powerful. As in, if they could talk, they could probably tell you what you had for lunch and if you just ran a mile.
  • A recent study suggests that dogs can differentiate between meaningful and meaningless sound sequences.

Maybe there’s more going on in Persie’s brain than I thought… But he’s also still pretty young. He’s only a year and half old! So he still has some growing up to do.

  • http://allthatglitters.co.nr/ Ashley Rizzardo

    Ahh I love dogs! I have one at home that I miss so much since I am away at school. I make sure to overlove and cherish him every time I am home–especially now that he is getting pretty old!

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch