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Have you ever been on a team? Played high school sports? Played in an instrument in the band? Working somewhere is kind of like being on a team too.

Have you ever quit said team? Or quit anything?

Yesterday my college roommates and I were talking about the last few years, and the decisions we’ve made post-college, and how our lives have changed because of them.

One of my roommates had a horrible internship the summer after we graduated. The other interns she lived with were intense partiers and her boss was sexist and rude. She was trying to stick it out, because she thought quitting wouldn’t look good on a resume, until she talked to one of our good college guy friends. (Who, incredibly, she ended up dating and is now marrying in less 60 days.) He told her- you are miserable. You don’t like the way this company is run, and you wouldn’t want to work there anyway. You aren’t learning anything that will help you in the future. You should quit.

And she did.

She told us, yesterday over brunch, that she hadn’t even thought of quitting until he encouraged her too. She was committed to staying. She was on the team.

But it was no longer a good thing. Being on that team didn’t help her in any way. I think learning teamwork, learning how to push yourself, and learning how to look out for other people are all important life lessons. But at some point, it’s okay to quit. You might have to do a cost/benefit analysis to figure out when that point is, but know your point. Know when you should walk away. Because you might walk away to an even better job, in a city you like more, with a guy you like a lot, and end up marrying. Who knows what would’ve happened if you didn’t let yourself quit?

  • http://allthatglitters.co.nr/ Ashley Rizzardo

    I do believe that you have to quit for yourself and your sanity. While I don’t think it should become a bad habit–we do need to work through things and develop that strength–if something truly is not a fit for us, and we can’t see it being useful to us down the road definitely quit. What’s the point in staying in the same place if it’s not going to move you forward at all? Especially with work; since I’m getting ready to graduate, I have attended a lot of career events and every time a speaker will get up and tell us that our first job is probably not going to be the one we are in twenty years from now; if we don’t feel like we are gaining anything from it, it’s not helping so we should just move on. This is such a great discussion point…sorry if my morning response is not the most articulate. I can’t determine sentence structure until around lunchtime! >.<

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch