Ring by Spring

garance dore book

It’s wedding season! Not for me, I’ve been married 2 and a half years, and at least for me, married life is the best life. It’s wedding season for several of my friends from college.

We had one wedding in January, we have another wedding this weekend, one the weekend after that, and two more weddings in April and in May.

I love it, because it it means I get to celebrate with some of my favorite people. But it also means a lot of… stuff. A lot of travel, a lot of wedding showers, a lot of doing my nails, and a lot of getting ready. The travel and busy weekends can definitely make me tired. But that just means that I buy more books to read on planes and my nails look better than they usually do!

Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. by OPI is one of my go-to nail polish colors. This is partially because I’m still getting better at doing my nails myself (and the working life/grad school budget is not great for paying to get them done on a regular basis) and because I think it’s a classy color.

The bow earrings were a Valentine’s Day prize from my sister, and I love them! They are perfectly dainty and feminine. Great for spring weddings. They’re no longer for sale on Kate Spade’s website (although these bow earrings are!) but they are on sale here.

The YSL lipstick is the same color I wore in my wedding, so I feel extra pretty whenever I wear it to other weddings.

The book has nothing really to do with weddings, but it will make for good plane reading! I borrowed it from one of my good friends, who also happens to love Garance Dore’.

If you have any other book recommendations, let me know! I could use more books for all of my upcoming travels. Lipstick and nail polish colors recommendations are always welcome too.