Running at the Park

Cameron Park Waco Texas

One of my current life loves is Cameron Park, or really, just city parks in general. (I mean, look how gorgeous the park is!) They bring people of all ages, races, genders, and socioeconomic groups together. I’m a major champion of people getting outside, going on walks/runs, and just being active in general. Park are the perfect place to do that.

Yesterday Persie and I went on a run in Cameron park, and other than the fact that it was ridiculously hot, it was so fun! Especially with so many people playing the Pokemon game, (Do any of you play? I’m not a big video game person, but I love how this one is getting people outside!) the park was full of friendly faces.

The only not fun thing about our run was that my knees were kind of sore afterwards. You know what that means? It means it’s time to buy new running shoes. I’ve been putting it off, but I’m gonna have to shell out for some soon.


Here are the few pairs I have my eye on:

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey

nike air zoom oddyssey

According to Runners World, “Testers commented on how comfortable the shoe felt, and on the smooth, light ride it provided without sacrificing control.” Sounds pretty good to me. I also like the way they look, which doesn’t hurt. I’m trying to tell myself though, that function has to beat form in the case of running shoes. So, I’m perusing other options as well.

Brooks Ghost 8

brooks ghost 8 women's running shoe

Runner’s World gave these shoes to 33 runners around the country to test, and they gave it an overall score average of 6.6 out of 7, which is one of the highest ratings Runner’s World has ever seen. They called the shoe “stable, cushioned, and comfy.” So, basically exactly what I’m looking for.

Asics Gel Nimbus

asics gel nimbus

According to people who reviewed the shoes on Run Repeat, “Most runners agree with Asics that this is an extremely well-cushioned shoe.” Well cushioned is what my sad little knees need, so these are definitely in the running. Heh.

I’ll keep y’all posted on what shoes I end up getting, and after I’ve broken them in, I’ll give you a review! Wish me luck. Also, if you have any advice on running shoes, leave it in the comments below! I’d love to hear it. And, because this information matters when it comes to shoes, you should know that I typically just run 2 -3 miles, and the max I run is 6 miles. After my knees started getting sore, I had to cut down my mileage. I typically run on pavement, although sometimes I run trails, so I need my shoes to be able to do both. :)

Happy (running) trails to you!

xx- Lynn-Holly