Schmaltzs Sandwich Shop

So, I have a funny story for you about this sandwich shop…

Jon and I first met while working at Kanakuk Kamp in Missouri and we both had cabin three. I could tell right away that he was a fun guy and we got along well. We got to know each other over the course of the summer, but I figured our friendship would probably end there, as he was going back to school in Michigan, and I was going back to school in Texas.

Well, then something happened that neither of us predicted: we became avid phone talkers. Typically, I loathe talking on the phone, but for some reason, I could talk to this boy from Michigan for hours. And I did. Almost every night.

We talked about everything from the books we were reading to politics, to life goals, to our thoughts on retirement. After talking like this for a couple months, Jon thought we should be dating. In his defense, we were basically doing the long distance relationship thing, but without the title or commitment.

And it was the commitment part that made me nervous. Dating long distance requires an emotional investment that my young sophomore in college self was not ready to make.

But Jon is determined. So, in an effort to convince that dating was a good idea, he decided to fly down to Texas to convince me.

Enter: the sandwich shop.

We went to Schmaltz’s for sandwiches the first day he came in town. The bread is thick and tasty. If you like sandwiches, it is definitely a restauarant worth visting.

Unfortunately, sandwiches don’t like me.

I didn’t realize that at the time, however, and I was sick for the rest of the weekend. We ended the weekend with the dreaded “define the relationship” talk, and I was sick writhing in pain, while Jon sat by me, held my hand and tried to comfort me and have the talk.

I’m sure it would have been a laughable scene to witness. I found out later that I am allergic to gluten- so our sandwiches, followed up by a pasta dinner did not bode well for me.

But all is well that ends well… A little under a year later we started dating, and now we’ve been married for over two years. And I no longer eat sandwiches.