Smart Girls Know How to Communicate (in multiple languages)

Have you learned how to speak a new or different language?

Jon and I both learned Spanish during college, although he knew the language much better than I did (and still does.) I got maybe to the level of a seven year old. Maybe. I have since regressed to the level of a three year old, at best! I’ve forgotten so many words. My Spanish vocabulary is sorely lacking, as is my ability to conjugate verbs.

traveling in Spain

When Jon and I were backpacking in Europe, we met so many young backpackers who spoke anywhere from three to six different languages. This is partially due to the different cultures of the countries we grew up in, I know. But by this point in my life, any excuse I have for not learning Spanish (or any other foreign language) is just that- an excuse.

Theoretically, I think it’s a good thing to speak a different language for the intellectual benefits, but it also seems important socially and culturally. I felt welcomed and much more comfortable when I could communicate with English speakers when I was abroad. I’d like to be able to provide that same feeling for Spanish speaking people here, and there are so many Spanish speakers in America, especially where I live in Texas!

So, it’s time to take it from a theoretical goal, to an actual goal.

I’ve downloaded Duolingo on my phone, and I’ve already completed my first lesson. I’ll keep y’all updated on whether or not I actually make progress with this. Even if I don’t become fluent, I’d at least like to become better at communicating in Spanish. It seems like the smart thing to do.

Is anyone with me? If you’d like to learn a new language, you should try Duolingo! We can work on it together.


  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I’m trying not to think about how bad my Spanish has gotten! I took French when I was younger and I know that one has definitely flown out the window. I took a semester of Italian so that may have saved my Spanish for just a little longer since they are similar. I’ve always wondered if language apps and software actually do work—keep us updated on that!

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch