Appreciating the Normalcy

Do you ever find yourself day dreaming about your next project or next adventure, only to realize you totally missed whatever just happened in the present?

I definitely do, and so does Lindsey, the oldest Fisher sister. She wrote a guest post for the blog today about how she’s the made the transition to being a stay at home mom and how she enjoys all the little moments.


I seriously need some energy, especially on days like today when the day starts waaaaay earlier than I’d like.

I don’t necessarily need energy for the exciting, break in routine, things I really look forward to, but for the day to day sameness. (for instance taking Jay to Disney is exhilarating in it of itself!) However, I’m learning that there is certain beauty in day to day sameness. Even though it may seem the same, (groundhog day anyone?) there are subtle differences that amount to massive change in the big picture, and thank God for that!

This is my first year to stay at home with Jay instead of teach middle school English, and it has definitely been an adjustment! A great one, but an adjustment none the less. It’s a pretty major decision, to work or not to work. I’ve read a lot on it and heard a lot of various opinions. I actually just read this post today from a working mom which offers great perspective!

Anyway, often the days seem to run in fifteen minute increments of similar activities, broken up by meal time and nap time. I often use this website for some fun easy ideas for toddler activities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining. In fact, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to be with my favorite little guy! What I am saying is that there are FOR SURE days when it’s difficult to muster up energy and excitement for painting with water colors in the bathtub (a great idea I borrowed from my college friend, Abby Unrath) or making the 167th paper airplane of the day! 

What often happens when I’m bored with the day to day, laundry, bed making, airplane folding, potty cleaning, (teaching Jay to use the big potty is a little more on the messy side of things.) and grocery shopping, is I find myself mentally escaping. I start planning the next vacation in my head, thinking about my next pinterest project , or dreaming about the next life phase (next house, next baby etc.). While I don’t think that it’s always a bad thing, it’s not always good because it means I’m less present. It means I may miss the spectacular sunset while leaving the gym, the silly smile while he’s wearing his shades to bed, or the side by side profile of my two favorite guys!


So, I’m asking God to give me grace in the moment, all the little moments actually, energy and EXCITEMENT to be the best wife, mom, sister, and friend I can be in the day to day, to be present in each moment. Because, really, we aren’t promised the next moment, so I want to fully live in this one. Obviously, I will still continue to dream… big dreams and huge ideas are energizing as well! I just want to be aware of what God has done and what He is doing NOW.

I still need coffee though. A LOT of coffee.

Where does your mind go when you’re bored? What do you dream about? How are you able to be present in the moment? We hope you have an amazing week of spectacular normalcy!