Cheers to Strong Women

sisters workout

I attended a Fitness and Wellness Expo in February where one of the speakers asked the audience to write down their fitness goals. He gave examples like- toning my arms so they look better in a tank top or a flat stomach for swimsuit season.

I had a little bit of trouble writing down a specific goal like that. Of course I like the idea of having toned arms and a flat stomach- who wouldn’t? But those aren’t the reasons I work out.

I work out to feel and to become strong. I want to be strong enough to carry the groceries up the stairs in one (or two) trips. I want to be have the cardiovascular endurance to jump on the trampoline with my niece for hours on end. I want to be strong enough to carry my future child, his car seat and his diaper bag all at once while running to my gate at the airport. Regular life events that require a certain level of fitness.

Full disclosure, I also enjoy working out most of the time. Some workouts are hard and more fun after than during, but for the most part, I enjoy pushing my body and breaking a sweat. So part of my reason behind working out is definitely just the fun and endorphins I get out of it.

But as far as long term goals go-  while liking how I look in clothes is admittedly a nice perk, my goals are more centered around being fit enough to do the things I’d like to do, than how I look in a swimsuit.

I admire strong, confident, resilient women. Like the quote posted all over social media on International Women’s Day: May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. 

While I am no longer a member at a Crossfit box (the grad school budget doesn’t really allow for that) I really liked this video about women who do Crossfit. I love how it celebrates their strength and abilities.

I also love this poem by Rupi Kaur. Have you read her book Milk and Honey? I’ve read some of her poems and was extremely impressed. They are beautiful and powerful. I’m adding her book to my To-Buy List.

Rupi Kaur Poem


So, cheers to strong women, not just strong physically, but emotionally as well.

ps. The picture above is of me and my sisters after a Crossfit workout. They are two of the strongest women I know, as well as my favorite workout partners (excluding my Dad and husband, I love working out with them too.)