The Bees Knees

coffee at common grounds

Working at a coffee shop has given me the chance to experiment a little bit, and figure out what my favorite drink is. I like coffee, and will drink it almost any form, (Although let’s stay away from that powdered creamer, okay? What even is that stuff?) but I’ve found that I like some drinks better than others.

This morning I just had drip coffee from the roaster Onyx, and it was so good. But if I want a drink with espresso, I like to add a few things.

One of the baristas taught me how to make a drink he calls “The Bees Knees.”

Here’s the recipe, if you’d like to make it yourself!


The Bees Knees

  • Put honey in the bottom of your cup, about the size of quarter
  • Pull the espresso shot (or use your Nespresso machine, of whatever machine you happen to have)
  • Add cinnamon to your milk before you steam it
  • Steam the Milk (Sometimes I use whole milk, sometimes I use soy milk)
  • Pour milk in the cup, over the shot

And there you have it! A little bit of honey and cinnamon and you have yourself a Bees Knees.

Let me know if you make it and if you like it!


xx- Lynn-Holly