Time for Dinner

Dinner with my Love

There are lots of ways to measure a year…. in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, and cups of coffee. (Anyone else love this song?) We can measure the year in goals achieved, mistakes made, in bridges crossed, and by the roads we have traveled by.

But one way I can measure this last year is the role food has played in my life. When you think about it, food is central to everything in our lives. We eat because we need to, and because we want to. We eat to be social. There is something special about breaking bread (maybe metaphorically for those of you who stear clear from grains.) with someone.

Because of Jon and my schedule, we don’t cook dinner together every night, but we try to cook at least one meal together a week. Sometimes our other dinners are together, but maybe consist of protein shakes, and vegetables, and are eaten on the go. But I love the nights that Jon and I cook dinner, sit at the table and eat together. I treasure that time and I am looking forward to many more years across the table from this man.

As far as what food has actually been on the table for the last year, is another tale. I went from being able to eat whatever I wanted, which included lots of ice cream, (although, luckily, I have always enjoyed fruits and vegetables, so they were mixed into the diet as well.) to being able to eat semi-healthy, but still kind of whatever I wanted in college.

Post-college I noticed two things: 1. That I wasn’t able to burn off whatever I ate quite as easily and 2. That some foods made my stomach uncomfortable.

These realizations led to me trying a paleo challenge with Alli last Spring. You can read some of our recipes here and here. Post-challenge, I realized that eating paleo was great, but I also needed to eat smaller portions. Loads of bacon on the regular aren’t so good for the love (aka HATE) handles. The smaller portions were helpful as well, since I was trying to get in shape for our wedding.

Now, post paleo challenge and post wedding, where does that leave me? I still try to avoid breads, pastas, and most grains, but I do enjoy cereal in the morning (gluten free sits the best) and popcorn sometimes in the evenings with my husband. I now occasionally have rice with my meat and vegetables. I still drink coffee in the mornings, and I like to have an apple every day if possible.

But it’s easy for me to get stuck in that routine and get bored. So, since I’m still trying to eat healthy and cook healthily, I am always on the look out for new recipes and ideas. I don’t want to eat the same things over and over.

Here are a few I’ve found recently that I cannot wait to try! If any are successful, I’ll let you know. 

  • Pizza Spaggetti Pie. Doesn’t everything about that sound wonderful? It is also paleo! Woohoo! I found this recipe on one of The Attic’s favorite blogs: PaleOMG.
  • Baked Chicken. These chicken strips look AMAZING. I love chicken and Jon does too. I think we would eat at Chick-fil-A every week if we could. But mostly, I cook chicken the same boring way every time. It might be fun to switch it up with this recipe I found on the blog Against All Grain.

Here’s to the new year and trying new things! I may not be the best cook…. (not even close) but at least I’m  trying! That counts for something right? 

Happy Thursday Brave Ones. 

Much love, 
xo, The Attic