Weekend Review- Volume VIII

husband and wife in Spain

This was a good week. It was restful, but also fun. It started with the Superbowl on Sunday. We went to some law school friend’s apartment where I ate way too many chips, loved the half time performance, and the team my husband has been a fan of since he was eight won.

I’ve worked out a lot this week. I’ve been doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG), which reminds me every single time how much I hate lunges and push-ups. But I’m starting to get baby arm muscles, so that’s a good sign!

High + Low

High: My high is probably that I’ve gotten a lot of workouts in. I typically hate them while I’m doing them, dripping with sweat and cursing the inventor of burpees, but I’m always glad I did it afterwards. Endorphins are powerful things.

Low: On Tuesday, I felt like it should be Friday. Most mornings this week I wished for one, or three, more hours in bed. But it is finally Friday! We made it!

Weekend Review- Volume VIII


  • You know how I just told you I’m doing the Bikini Body Guide, well this article in The Cut about exercising ironically made me laugh. “This is where BBG wins out. I find the internet community fascinating in the same way I find Mormon mom blogs or YouTube wedding proposals fascinating, that is, “People like this really exist, don’t they? And we both live on the same planet?” God bless them. Their abs are much better than mine,” wrote Meaghan O’Connell. 
  • This collegiate gymnastics floor routine made me smile. It’s an awesome mix of hip hop, (which as a cardio dance fitness instructor I obviously love) and gymnastics. I thoroughly enjoy watching floor routines… probably because I once thought I was going to be a gymnast. My gymnastics career was short lived though. I was 5’7″ in six grade and was really not that good. ha. Live and learn, I guess.
  • Have you seen Ok Go’s new music video? Jon showed it to me this week. It’s so cool! It’s all filmed in zero gravity and it’s all real with no special effects. I especially loved it because once, while flying a friend and his dad who’s a pilot, I got to experience zero gravity. And it’s awesome. The Swedish Fish I was eating floated out of my hands!


  • I think this delicate emerald ring might be as close to perfect as an emerald ring can get.
  • Carly from The College Prepster put together a fun list of Valentines Day presents for friends. (because you love your best friend and every day is a good day to show them, but especially Valentines Day.) It might be cutting it close, but if you overnight it, your gift could arrive in time!
  • Somedays, form fitting clothes just do not sound appealing. Enter: drapey basics. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere blogged about some beautiful ones.
  • Redoing your bathroom? I live in an apartment, and I’m not in a position to redecorate right now, but if I were… I’d be strongly tempted to decorate my bathroom with this lovely black hardware.
  • I’m 26, which means I’m at the stage of slowly adding quality basics to my wardrobe. This list of basics to own before you’re 30 is a great one. The pieces they list are pricey, but the items are good ones to own.


  • At this point, when it comes to food, my two main goals are to make something fast and healthy. This soup from Cup of Jo fits the bill. It just might make my meal rotation next week.
  • Is your resume up to date? Even if you’re not looking for a job, that’s a good document to keep current. Just in case. Here are some good tips to keep in mind.

Think About:

  • How do you and your significant other handle your finances? Victoria McGinley conducted a survey and complied the results. It’s really interesting! You should check it out, and see if you can guess which answer was mine. :)
  • Who struggled in math class? (Raising my hand over here.) Well, it might’ve been more about they way you were taught than the subject itself. Did anyone else suffer through speed drills? I haaaated them, mostly because I never won and I am very competitive. This article in The Atlantic offers some good food for thought about math class.
  • A really interesting look at what happens when blogging/social media grows, becomes your job, and then takes over your life. It raises some good questions like how should we set boundaries? When do you cross the line from sharing to oversharing?
  • A top priority on my to-do list for the month is to be intentional with self-care. Well, this article makes a good argument for why your health matter to you even more than your career.

I hope you’ve had a lovely week! I plan on having a relaxing weekend, hopefully with lots of snuggling involved. It’s Valentines Weekend after all!


ps. The pic is from Jon’s and my adventure in Europe. He is my forever Valentine and my most favorite person to go on adventures with!