Weekend Review- Volume XI

sophia loren eating

We’re already a week into April, which means it’s spring and summer is right around the corner. Which also means that the work out and eating plan that’s been on and off again like a bad relationship needs to get consistent. It’s time to commit.

I’ll do great one day, and then I’ll eat a massive amount of chips from Chuys the next day. (Hello, creamy jalapeno dip! How can you say no?!) Those chips have now added themselves to my love/HATE handles. But now it’s time for no more bad eating decisions and flaking out on my plan. I’m ready to do this.

Not only I have decided to whip myself into shape, I convinced my mom and sisters to join me  starting next week (misery loves company.) I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

High + Low

High: Getting four workouts in by Friday. As Elle Woods says- “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

Low: Making bad eating decisions, e.g. copious amounts of chocolate and chips. Gotta stop that.

Weekend Review- Volume XI


  • “Doing absolutely nothing in my activewear.” So funny. And it kind of makes me want to wear something structured with a zipper, unless I’m actually going to the gym. Although let’s be honest, there’s a reason people where yoga pants everywhere- they’re comfortable!
  • Annnnd speaking of activewear- check out this activewear madness. Move aside Birken bag. Yoga tops and sweatpants are now on everyone’s wishlist.
  • This ballet looks amazing– swan lake like I’ve never seen it before. Sorta makes me want to go to Norway.
  • Justin Bieber surprised a high school in my home town! How cool is that. Definitely a day-maker for those students.


  • These might need to be my spring and summer sandals. 
  • Maybe this planner would help me be more productive?
  • If you’ve been eating chocolate instead of doing crunches like me, swimsuit season might fill you with dread. However- never fear! The super cute one piece is here! Seriously, whether you have no abs, or Victoria Secret Angel status abs, you’ll want these one pieces.


Think About:

  • Would you wear pants at your wedding (instead of a dress?)
  • Want to be a Navy Seal? Well, strength of will is a good start. They have a 40% rule for getting past mental barriers.
  • Want to work in communications, media, or the arts? (Hand raised emoji over here! I currently work in marketing and would love to stay in the communications world.) Check out these interviews about successful women and how they got where they are.
  • This article about activism in the New Yorker is old, but as we [still] live in the digital age, it’s worth reading. “The kind of activism associated with social media isn’t like this at all. The platforms of social media are built around weak ties. Twitter is a way of following (or being followed by) people you may never have met.”


ps. The pic above is of the lovely Sophia Loren eating spaghetti.