What Do You Wear to Work?

work clothes

Let’s talk about what you wear to work. Do you work in a formal work environment? I work in a pretty casual work environment. I can dress up, and I occasionally enjoy wearing pencil skirts. But I can also just wear a nice top and jeans.

The picture above is very similar to my work go-to: sweater, jeans, and flats. But a new season means new clothes, right? Or at least it means we can eye clothes to add to our Christmas lists.

Here are a few work options I’ve been eyeing recently:

  • These pencil skirts are classy and I love all of the vibrant colors.
  • These 3/4 sleeve sweaters are great for warm Texas falls.
  • These long sleeve sweaters look like great alternative for slightly colder temperatures. They have a classy silhouette and would go with everything.
  • This floral full skirt is lovely and is a nice alternative to the straight pencil skirt.
  • I’ve been eyeing this blazer for a couple years now.

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