When is it Tights Season?

valentine's day outfit with black tights

Once it gets cold outside, they are an outfit necessity. Love or hate em, if you want to wear dresses or skirts once the temperature drops, tights are necessary.

But did you know, there’s actually some debate on when it’s appropriate to start wearing them? It’s true. I thought the common consensous was that when it got cold outside, we wear tights. But apparently, not everyone thinks so.

Suppposedly, according to a much buzzed about article in The Guardian, that’s not the case. Black tights say more than it’s cold outside. “The black-tights question is the million-dollar question because it is not just about what you wear. It is about class, and money, and age. It is about how you order the priorities of how you look and what you get done. It is about your postcode and your mindset, your taxi bill and your holiday schedule.”

But if you are like me, and your budget is more subway than Uber (or would be, if you lived in New York) then the tights question is more about comfort. Another optional guideline (according to The Guardian) for when to wear tights, is to go by the R rule. Only wear tights when there’s an R in the month, and hey, it’s October!

little black and white dress

However, if you’re more worried about frostbite than your social status, I recommend wearing tights whenever you need to or want to. That’s what I do. 

If you want some ideas of how to wear tights, Harper’s Bazaar has 16 chic outfit ideas. I especially like the black and white mini dress outfit in the pic above.


ps. The first pic is of a college Valentine’s Day date. Don’t Jon and I look so young?