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Support The Attic’s Workout Habit!… Anyone? 

In yesterday’s post, I told you that I’d share some of things I’ve been wanting lately. While my list is rather long and includes things like: a new purse, (loving Marc Jacobs these days, and Kate Spade) a new dress or two or five, some new makeup (hmm…. Sephora.) and a few new statement necklaces, it also includes workout clothes. 

I have been seeing them everywhere and my running list of workout clothes I want is progressively getting longer. I used to say that I didn’t outfits for working out. I’m just fine in a regular t-shirt thank you. And while I stand by the thought that t-shirts are still totally fine, I am beginning to appreciate the art of well made workout clothes. 

I mean, the clothes being designed are lovely and flattering. They are motivation to workout within themselves. And let’s be honest, motivation to actually get into the gym is not bad thing. And these clothes also transfer well. Meaning, if you need to go run errands after sweating it out in a Crossfit or yoga class, you can and you won’t feel totally frumpy. 

Because my list is so long, I’ll break it down into categories for you. 

Steal of a Deal: 
  • This Coral Sports bra with criss-cross straps is also on sale at Target and it’s super cute. 
  • These capris are great. And let’s be honest, everyone could use another pair of midis. 
  • If you want actual pants, these  pants from Target are cute and they are less than $30! Total steal. 
  • This classic cut First Base Tank Top from lulu is on sale! It comes in stripes and in blue. I’m torn between the green stripes and the pretty bright blue. 
  • This light weight razor back tank top from Nike is on sale and it’s less than $40! 
  • This dry fit tank top from Nike is on sale too for less than $20! It comes in lots of colors, but I think I like black best. It’s classy. 
  • If you’re not a big tank top fan, this shirt from Nike is nice too, and it comes in a pretty teal. It’s also less than $30, which is awesome. 

Middle of the Road Goodness: 

  • The no limits tank top is a classic lulu workout top. Great shape and style. My favorite colors are: black, petal pop, fresh teal, and white.
  •  These Astro pants from lulu look like they’d fit awesome. My favorite color is soot. 
  • I was never a big tennis or running skirt person in the past, but I’m starting to change my mind… not necessarily for actually working out hardcore in, but more for just wearing in the summer. The skirt allows you to be active, but still cute. Currently, I have my eye on this nike skirt.  

Splurge Worthy: 
  • This Nike jacket would be awesome to have. It’s useful for running in ALL weather. And with the way winter is going so far, it looks like it would be helpful.
  • This water resistent jacket looks awesome as well. Maybe not as practical as the Nike ones, but it has a gold zipper, which would make you feel super glamorous. 
  • Like I said about the skirts, they’re growing on me. This one looks lovely and was designed by lululemon for the girl who wants to bike somewhere, but still look pretty in a skirt. 
  • I actually really like this tennis dress by Pure + Good. I don’t really like tennis, but I’d definitely wear this dress! 

So there you have it. The round up of my workout clothes wants. It’s long. I know. I am surprising myself with how much I am getting into workout wear. Part of the credit should go to the fact that many of my favorite blogs have been posting about workout wear: A Peony for Your ThoughtsStripes & Sequins, A Piece of Toast, and Happily Grey

And the rest of the credit should go to my family for inspiring my love of Crossfit and running. Our dad has run with us for as long as I can remember, and in the last two years, we started Crossfit- my sisters, my brother-in-laws, my husband, and even my dad has a mini Crossfit box in his garage. 

I am definitely not the strongest or the fastest, but I’m getting better! I just got my bar muscle up this week. 

So, dear readers, what do you do to stay active? Are you a fan of yoga or pure barre? Or maybe you kill it in spin class. (I am horrible at spinning.) Or do you do Crossfit as well? We’d love to hear! Different things work for different people, and we are constantly finding inspiration for ways to mix up our routines. 

Have a fabulous weekend Brave Ones! Make sure you have time for some rest and relaxation. As much as we value working out, we definitely value some r&r too. 

Much love, 
xo The Attic 

ps. Doesn’t Lindsey look amazing in the picture above? She is a machine; I aspire to be like her. Truly, my favorite workout partners are my family. They’re the best. 

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